Our Approach

We are establishing a Foundation that is driven by a Board of responsible community leaders who care about the Kids and want them to have a real opportunity for successful and constructive lives.

  • BHEF is committed to the highest level of fiduciary responsibility. Funds will be raised and distributed with detailed financial discipline.  It should be noted that one of our Board Co-Chairs is the Chief Financial Officer of Honor Credit Union and our Treasurer is a CPA with the firm Kruggel Lawton.
  • Fundraising will seek funding from a range of sources including individuals, alums, businesses of all sizes and any organizations willing to support our mission.
  • Grants will be made by a Board committee and approved by the full Board. Grant decisions will be based on need and impact. Grants will require the submission of a formal request that documents the need and impact.  There will be follow up on grants to assure the effective use of funds.
  • We are here for the long run. The reputation of BHEF is critical to our fundraising and the effectiveness of our grants.
  • Please see the FAQ section for more details.